Installing OSSDlinux on VirtualBox

This page facilitate users in installing OSDDlinux on their existing machines via virtual box. User should install virtual box on their computer then he/she can install OSDDlinux in virtual box. Following is brief description ...

Downloading Virtual Box
Virtual Box is a virtualization application which runs across cross-platforms. To Download Virtual box visit the download page of virtual box. Go to the VirtualBox website and go to the download section. There are versions available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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Installation of Virtual Box
If a user doesn't want to install OSDDlinux directly on the machine, he/she can install virtual box and proceed for installing OSDDlinux on virtual machine. User should follow below steps to install virtual box on their machine.
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Configuring Virtual machine in Virtual Box
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Downloading OSDDlinux iso file

User should download one of the following types of OSDDlinux ISO images available for installation 64-bit Architecture
32-bit Architecture
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Installing OSDDlinux in Virtual Machine
After installing virtual box, user should follow steps given below to install OSDDlinux in virtual box. (NOTE: After successfull installation of OSDDlinux, users may require passwords which are :- password for sudo: osddlinux;    password for root: osddlinux).