Welcome about Live server

Live Server provides users the option to use modules of OSDDlinux online without the need of prior installation on their computers. Live Server can be used by researchers having minimal hardware and internet resources.

This provides web based servers used in the area of protein structure prediction, genome annotation, predicting function of proteins, molecular interactions & modifications, designing of therapeutic molecule and computer aided drug design (chemoinformatics, pharmacoinformatics).

All these softwares are also integrated in galaxy for the use of scientists who are not comfortable in command line mode.

Users who have limited resources can use command line services through OSDDlinux login facility.

This is a great,hassle free way to explore and use OSDDlinux, demonstrate or teach with it or to work with when you are on the move.

Services provided on Live server

  • Live Web-servers: Web based services designed for scientific community working in the field of drug discovery are provided on OSDDlinux live server.

  • Live Galaxy based services: OSDDlinux integrates a number of tools for drug discovery in Galaxy wich will make handling bulk data and designing workflow easier for scientists without the use of command line.

  • Login facility: Live Server provides the users the option to use OSDDlinux on the host server of OSDDlinux. The user will be provided with username and password to login to OSDDlinux command line services.