OSDDlinux Package Repository

In this repository, various softwares are available independently as deb packages. User can download any package they wish to install. The various packages in OSDDlinux will be updated timely. We will also add some new softwares and additional packages every 4 months. The LiveCD will be updated every 6 months.

Installation steps for individual packages using .deb files

  1. Download the individual package (e.g. abcpred.deb) from the link given in the table below
  2. Type following command in terminal to install package "sudo dpkg -i abcpred.deb"
  3. Now abcpred can be used as standalone as it is installed in the machine

Installation steps for individual packages using apt-get command
  1. open /etc/apt/sources.list file using following command "sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list"
  2. add following line (repository) at the bottom of the file
  3. "deb http://osddlinux.osdd.net/repo amd64/"       for 64 bit systems
    "deb http://osddlinux.osdd.net/repo i386/"       for 32 bit systems
    If the line is already present in the file then ignore the step 2
  4. Run following command to update the repository "sudo apt-get update"
  5. Run following command to install the package "sudo apt-get install abcpred"
  6. Now abcpred can be used as standalone as it is installed in the machine

Download the .deb file of individual packages from the table given below
S. No.Software ToolSoftware FunctionDebian File Download Link
1abcpredpredict B cell epitope(s) in an antigen sequenceabcpred
2algpredprediction of allergens based on similarity of known epitope with any region of proteinalgpred
3alphapredpredicts the alpha turn residues in the given protein sequencealphapred
5antibppredicts the antibacterial peptides in a protein sequenceantibp
6antibp2predicts the antibacterial peptides in a protein sequenceantibp2
7ar_nhpredpredicts the aromatic backbone NH interaction in a given amino acid sequencear_nhpred
8atpintprediction of ATP binding residue in protein sequenceatpint
9bcepredpredicting linear B-cell epitopes in a protein sequencebcepred
10betaturnspredict different types of turns such as Types I, II, IV, VIII and non-specific in a given amino acid sequencebetaturns
11bhairpredprediction of beta-hairpins in proteinsbhairpred
12btxpredpredict bacterial toxins and its function from primary amino acid sequencebtxpred
13cancer_predprediction of Cancer lectinscancer_pred
14cbtopeprediction of conformational B cell epitope using antigen primary sequence in the absence of any homology with the known structurescbtope
15cellppdpredict and design efficient cell penetrating peptides (CPPs)cellppd
16chemopredprediction of chemokines and their receptorschemopred
17chpredictpredict two types of interactions: C-H...O and C-H...π interactionschpredict
18ctlpredprediction of Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte epitopesctlpred
19desirmdesign effective siRNAs against an mRNA and find the target mRNA of a submitted siRNAdesirm
20eslpredprediction of subcellular localization of eukaryotic proteineslpred
21eslpred2prediction of subcellular localization of eukaryotic proteineslpred2
22fadpredprediction of FAD interacting residues in proteinsfadpred
23gammapredpredicts the gamma turn residues in the given protein sequencegammapred
24glycoepprediction of glycosites in eukaryotic glycoproteinsglycoep
25glycopppredicting potential N-and O-glycosites in prokaryotic protein sequence(s)glycopp
26gpcrpredprediction of families and superfamilies of G-protein coupled receptorsgpcrpred
27gpcrsclassprediction of amine types of G-protein coupled receptorsgpcrsclass
28gstpredprediction of Glutathione S-transferase proteinsgstpred
29gtpbinderprediction of GTP binding residue in protein sequencegtpbinder
30hivcopredpredicting the coreceptor usage by HIV-1hivcopred
31hladr4predHLA-DRB1*0401(MHC class II alleles) binding peptides prediction methodhladr4pred
32hslpredprediction of subcellular localization of human proteinshslpred
33icaarsprediction of Aminoacyl tRNA Synthetases and assigning class I or II to themicaars
34igpredpredicting different types of B-cell epitopes that can induce different class of Antibodies like IgG, IgE and IgAigpred
35kidoqprediction of inhibition constant by docking and QSARkidoq
36lbtopepredicting linear B-cell epitopeslbtope
37nadbinderPrediction of NAD binding residues in proteinsnadbinder
38nhlapredpredicting promiscuous MHC class I restricted T cell epitopesnhlapred
39nrpredclassification of nuclear receptorsnrpred
40ntxpredpredict Neurotoxins and its source and probable function from primary amino acid sequencentxpred
41pcleavageProteasome cleavage predictionpcleavage
42pepstrprediction of the tertiary structure of small peptidespepstr
43pfmpredprediction of mitochondrial proteins of malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparumpfmpred
44pprintprediction of RNA-binding residues of a proteinpprint
45premierprediction of Mannose Interacting residues in a proteinpremier
46propredpredict MHC Class-II binding regions in an antigen sequencepropred
47propred1predict MHC Class-II binding regions in an antigen sequencepropred1
48pseapredprediction of proteins secreted by Malarial Parasite P.falciparum into infected-erythrocytepseapred
49pslpredprediction of subcellular localization of prokaryotic proteinspslpred
50rslpredprediction of subcellular localization of rice proteinsrslpred
51sarpredprediction of the real value of surface acessibility (SA) using multiple sequence alignmentsarpred
52srtpredclassification of protein sequence as secretory or non-secretory proteinsrtpred
53tappredprediction of binding affinity of peptides toward the TAP transportertappred
54tbbpredprediction of the transmembrane Beta barrel regions in a given protein sequencetbbpred
55toxinpredprediction and design of toxic/non-toxic peptidestoxinpred
56tumorhpddesigning of Tumor Homing Peptidestumorhpd
57vicmpredPrediction of Virulence factors, Information molecule, Cellular process and Metabolism molecule in the Bacterial proteinsvicmpred
58vitapredprediction of vitamin-interacting residues in vitamin binding protein sequencesvitapred