Welcome to Mirror sites

OSDDlinux provides the opportunity to other developers to launch their related programs through this OS. They can also launch their websites as mirror website, if they wish to do so. It will give better opportunity to them to hit wider audience as user of their webserver. They can launch their programs through galaxy, which is always a handy tool for the users. OSDDlinux can help in promoting various Bioinformatics and chemoinformatics software to researchers and students. Following service can be mirrored

Distribution of software: You may help in distributing OSDDlinux, by mirroring download are of OSDDlinux. In this case user can download OSDDlinux from your site.

Mirroring of web servers: OSDDlinux live server provides web based service to scientific community working in the field of drug discovery. We have limitted resoures to sereve scientific community, in case you have resources and wish to support open source in drug discovery. You may install OSDDlinux on your computer and set network/internet on your computer to provide OSDDlinux live server from your site.

Galaxy mirror site: This is open source bioinformatics workflow, OSDDlinux integrates GALAXY with large number of in silico tools for drug discovery. It will be install on your machine when you install OSDDlinux, in case you wish to support mirror site, set network/internet on your machine.

Contact us if you wish to support mirror of OSDDlinux at your site.

List of Mirror Sites

ServerLocation of SiteSite URLDownloadWeb ServersGalaxy
OSDDlinuxCSIR-IMTECH, Chandigarhhttp://osddlinux.osdd.net/ yesyesyes
OSDDlinuxCSIR-4PI, Bengaluruhttp://osddlinux.csir4pi.in/ yesyesyes
CRDDCSIR-IMTECH, Chandigarhhttp://crdd.osdd.net/osddlinux/ yesyesyes
IMTECHCSIR-IMTECH, Chandigarh, Indiahttp://www.imtech.res.in/osddlinux/ yesyesyes