Download Page of OSDDlinux

This page is designed for downloading OSDDlinux. We are providing different versions of OSDDlinux that can run on different operating systems like Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS.

We request users to register before downloading OSDDlinux, if you have not registered, please click here for registration. We also request users to participate in OSDD, a mission to provide affordable drugs ( click here to register).

Following is brief description of different type of downloads available for public.

LiveDVD link provides the facility to user to create the dvd and run the OSDDlinux by directly booting the device. For more information please click here.
LiveUSB contains the iso image which can be converted into bootable USB. For more information please click here.
Packages contains the number of packages being provided in OSDDlinux. For further information please click here.
New pack is the link for the upcoming new packages in the OSDDlinux.

Download OSDDlinux for different type of Linux

After successfull installation of CD/DVD, users may require passwords which are as follows
Password for sudo is osddlinux
Password for root is osddlinux

Ubuntu64 bit
   (a) LiveUSB    (b) LiveDVD    (c) New pack    (d) Packages

Ubuntu32 bit
    (a) LiveUSB     (b) LiveDVD     (c) New pack     (d) Packages

   (a) New pack    (b) Packages

   (a) New pack    (b) Packages

CentOS 64bit (Coming soon)
   (a) New pack    (b) Packages

BOSS 32 bit (Coming soon)
   (a) New pack    (b) Packages

Structure of download directory