Third Party Softwares in OSDDlinux

This page contains information about the third party softwares which are included in the OSDDlinux. Debian files of the softwares are collected and a downloadable link is available from OSDDlinux repository. A user can download deb files from OSDDlinux repository and install to their local machine.

AutodockToolsGraphical front-end for setting up and running AutoDock
AvogadroFree cross platform molecule editor
BowtieUltrafast memory-efficient short read aligner
BWABurrows Wheeler Aligner for mapping low divergent sequences against a large reference genome
CainCain performs stochastic and deterministic simulations of chemical reactions
CD-HITSuite of programs designed to quickly group sequences
CHEMTOOLA free software program for drawing chemical structural formulas
CLUSTALXGlobal multiple alignment program with graphical user interface
CONCAVITYLigand binding site prediction from protein sequence and structure
EMBOSSSequence analysis software package
FREEDIAMSIt can be used alone to prescribe and / or test drug interactions within a prescription
GABEDITA graphical user interface to computational chemistry packages like Gamess-US, Gaussian, Molcas, Molpro, MPQC, OpenMopac, Orca, PCGamess and Q-Chem
GARLICA free open source molecular viewer and editor
GCHEMPAINTA 2D chemical structures editor for Gnome-2 Desktop
GROMACSMolecular Dynamics Package
HMMERA Software Package for biosequence analysis using profile HMMs
IGVHigh-performance genomics data visualization and exploration
JALVIEWMultiple sequence alignment editing and visualization
JMOLAn open source java viewer for chemical structures in 3D
KALZIUMA program that visualizes the Periodic Table of Elements (PSE) and includes basic information about all common elements in the PSE.
LIBCDK-PERLCDK library with perl
MOPAC7A general-purpose semiempirical molecular orbital package for the study of solid state and molecular structures and reactions
MPQCMassively Parallel Quantum Chemistry Program
MUMMERA system for rapidly aligning entire genomes, whether in complete or draft form
NCBI-TOOLS-X11Set of tools provided by NCBI
NJPLOTA tree drawing program able to draw any binary tree expressed in the standard phylogenetic tree format
OPENBABELA chemical toolbox designed to speak the many languages of chemical data
PHYLIPPhylogeny Inference Package computer programs for inferring phylogenies
PRIMERSoftware for PCR PRIMER design
PYMOLMolecular Visualization Software
PYTHON-BALLVIEWMolecular Dynamics visualization program
RASMOLMolecular Visualization Software
READSEQReads and converts biosequences between a selection of common biological sequence formats
REVOLUTION-RA software package with big data statistics, predictive modeling and machine learning capabilities
SAMTOOLSA set of utilities for interacting with and post-processing short DNA sequence read alignments
GLIMMERA system for finding genes in microbial DNA, especially the genomes of bacteria and archaea
UGENEFree cross-platform bioinformatics software package for DNA and protein sequence analysis
VELVETAn algorithm package that has been designed to deal with de novo genome assembly and short read sequencing alignments
WEKAA collection of machine learning algorithms for solving data mining problems