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Welcome to DrugMint server

DrugMint is a web server developed for predicting drug-likelihood of a compound. All models were trained, tested and evaluated on a dataset contain 1347 approved drugs obtained from DrugBank 2.5 and 3206 experimental drugs. All QSAR models were developed using open source software packages like PaDEL, WEKA, SVM_Light. Overall objective of this server is to provide service to drug development community in predicting, screening and designing drug-like molecules.
DrugMint is also available in following platform:
1. Mirror Site at http://osddlinux.osdd.net/oscadd/drugmint
2. Standalone version at http://osddlinux.osdd.net>
3. Galaxy version at http://osddlinux.osdd.net:8001

Major Modules

Module Description
Draw_Structure This module allows users to generate structure of their molecules using Marvin applet and to predict its drug-like potential.
Virtual_Screening This module is designed for virtually screeing of chemcial library or set of chemicals. This module allows users to predict drug-like potential of each molecule submitted by a user
Analog_Designing This module is important for lead optimization and analogs based drug designing. It generate a virtual chemical library using user-specified scaffold, blocks and linkers; drug-likeness of each molecule of library is also predicted.
Search_Database Drug-like potentail of each molecule in CheEMBL and ZINC datbases has been computed and maintained. User can search drug-like property of their molecule by providing ChEMBL or ZINC IDs.